The postal route and the old inn

The two Viking mounds in the hotel garden indicates that Stalheim have a history that can be traced as far back as the Viking age. 

And since the middle ages the main route over land from Bergen and Oslo (Christiania) came through Stalheim on its way to Gudvangen and Lærdal, across Fillefjell to Valdres and Oslo.  

When the first postal route was opened In 1647 it naturally followed the same route. The 18th century traveller from Oslo to Bergen or vice versa would follow the same route as this was considered the safest and easiest route. 

By 1750 so many travellers were passing through Stalheim that the farmer at Stalheim decided it was time to open an inn to offer travellers food and accommodation.  This was, if we may say so, our start in the hospitality business.  This old Stalheim Inn is now an important part of the museum at Stalheim.