The old King's Road to Haugsvik

This hike is consider a quite easy hike, and is suitable for adults and children alike.  Since part of the road goes through forests we recommend shoes that keep you dry.    

The postal route between Oslo and Bergen was the first postal route in Norway and was opened in 1647.   The route went through Valdres, over Filefjell down to Lærdal, by boat from Lærdal to Styve, and to Gudvangen and to Stalheim before continuing on to Voss and Bergen. 

The old postal road between Oslo and Bergen was called the "The King's Road to Bergen" and was the main east-west connection until the Bergen-Oslo railway was opened in 1909.  Since loosing its status as postal road  the old "Kings Road" saw years of neglect, but lately parts of the road has been restored, and from Stalheim a 10 km long stretch of the old road towards Haugsvik has been restored and is an attraction in itself. 

A hike on the old "Kings Road "  towards Haugsvik is highly recommended, it is a remarkably peaceful hike and it takes between one and two hours to hike from Stalheim to Haugsvik. The road takes you in and out of forests, from farm to farm, and a beautiful bridge built in 1750 takes you across the Giljarhus river. 

At the end of the restored part of the road, at Hauge and Rygg, you have different options for returning to Stalheim.  Of course you may return the same way as you came, but it is also an option to go down to the main road and the shop in Haugsvik, and return by public transport from there.