The 4 hotels at Stalheim

On the 15th of May 1885 the first Stalheim Hotel was opened, containing 10 small and sparingly equipped guest rooms. 

The furniture consisted of an iron bed with a mattress and a blanket, a wash bowl and a small mirror, and a table with one wooden chair.  The hotel also had a dining room and a small lounge, but there was no luxury offered to the first tourists. Stalheim Hotel has been haunted by fire several times. On the 20th of February 1900 the first Stalheim Hotel burnt down, luckily with no casualties. 

The hotel was immediately rebuilt , and extracts from a travel diary written by an English lady who stayed at Stalheim in 1902 gives us an excellent picture of the hotel and the atmosphere.  In November 1902 the hotel burnt down again, but there were still no casualties as the hotel was closed at the time.  

After some years without a hotel at Stalheim, in 1906 Meinhardt's Hotel in Voss was bought, dismantled and moved to Stalheim. A few years later the hotel was rolled 37 meters towards the cliff on a set of timber logs and extended with a dining room wing and a new room wing. 

During World War II the hotel was occupied by the Germans, but in 1946 the hotel was re-opened for tourist and Stalheim was able to continue its normal trade, until the night of June the 22nd, 1959 when it burnt down for the third time.

The following summer the Stalheim Hotel of today was opened.