The Stalheim Painters

The view from Stalheim has for nearly two centuries attracted and inspired artists,  painters and poets alike. 

The Danish painters Johannes Flintoe and Carl Lehmann painted the view from Stalheim in 1814 and 1824, and Mr. Lehmann's painting of the Jordalssnuten and the Stalheim Inn can be seen in the lounge at the hotel.  Norway's most famous painters of the national romantic period, Mr. Johan Christian Dahl,  made quite a few trips to the fjords and mountains of Western Norway, and he came to Stalheim several times. 

He was extremely fascinated by the dramatic nature he found here, and the result of this was the painting called Fraa Stalheim, 1842, which now can be seen in the National Gallery in Oslo.  It is looked upon as one of the major works of art within the Norwegian national romantic history, and also within J.C. Dahls production. Together with the development of tourism travel among landscape painters became increasingly popular.

The ones mentioned above can almost be looked upon as pioneers, but from 1850 and onwards a stream of well-known painters came to Stalheim and found inspiration to their works: the Germans Carl Oesterley and Themistokles von Echenbrecher, the Dane Carl Saabye, and famous Norwegian painters such as Peder Balke, Knut Baade, Hans Fredrik Gude, Andreas Askvold, Georg Anton Rasmussen, Adelsten Normann and Hermann Wedel Anker. Entering our century it became quite common for artists, both known and unknown, to come to Stalheim, stay in the hotel and paint the nature, sell their work to the tourists and to pay for their stay with one or more of the pictures they made.

Bernt Tunold and Conrad Selmyhr, both Norwegian, are the most well known of these. The hotel which burnt in 1959 displayed several of these paintings.  In recent year we have had the pleasure of having the Norwegian painters Dag Hoel and Håkon Bleken among our guests