Norway in a Nutshell©

This tour has been rated among the top ten round-day excursions in the world, and is considered a “must” among experienced travellers.  Within an easy day you get the absolutely best of Western Norway such as a ride on the famous Flåm Line and a 2 hours cruise on the narrowest of fjords, the Nærøyfjord.  

Stalheim is one of the attractions of this round trip, and is the perfect starting point for doing this tour. We suggest the following route: The bus from Stalheim takes you to the Voss Railway station where you catch the train for Myrdal and Flåm. 

In Myrdal change trains for the Flåm Line, the 50 minutes train ride from Myrdal to Flåm has frequently been mentioned among the world’s the most spectacular train rides. 

The panorama from the train window brings you a unique scenery of snow-capped mountains, thundering waterfalls, and peaceful green meadows in ever-changing combinations. In Flåm the tour makes a halt and allows the travellers time for lunch before it continues, now by ferry, to Gudvangen, One of the absolute highlights of the  "Norway in a Nutshell “ is the 2 hours fjord cruise from Flåm to Gudvangen.

After cruising out the Aurlandsfjord the ferry makes a sharp tune and continues in the narrow and famous Nærøyfjord. UNESCO has included the fjords of Norway, exemplified by the Nærøyfjord and the Geirangerfjord, on its renowned World Heritage List and now enjoy the same recognition as the Great Wall of China, the Great Pyramids of Egypt, Zambia’s Victoria Falls and the Grand Canyon in USA.

Parts of the fjord is so narrow that it one wonders if there is space for the ferry to pass, there are the dozens of waterfalls throwing themselves fearlessly off the 1000 metres high snow-capped mountains that frame the fjord, is truly breath-taking. Around 18:00 p.m. the ferry docks in Gudvangen where buses wait to bring the travellers up to Stalheim, a 20 minutes ride, driving through the Nærøy Valley, with the famous and impressive Stalheimskleiva as the grand final of the tour. 

Stalheimskleiva, a 1,2 kilometres long hairpin-bend road with a average gradient of 20 per cent, has undergone few major changes since constructed 150 years ago and has achieved a reputation as being among the most exiting and most beautiful stretches of roads in Northern Europe. Read more on:

 Norway in a Nutshell©